Technical Services


Software Training

Bought a new software program, but having trouble learning it? Have a new web-based program, but no time to train your staff? OOTBR is familiar with many software applications. If we are not familiar with yours, we can learn most applications quickly to coordinate training for you/your staff.


Collaborator / Liaison for Software Development

Started a project that includes collaboration with third-party programmers, but the two of you aren’t speaking the same language? Or, perhaps you know what to say, but you don’t have time to write out the user stories required for programming. Bring OOTBR up to speed and we’ll take on the task for you!


Third-Party Projects

Do you have need for home-grown software program to improve efficiency? Bought software, but need it customized? Let OOTBR help.


Improve User Experience (UX Design)

Do customers express frustration or confusion about your services? Do you need to improve your existing webpage content or navigation? Let OOTBR help.


What Clients Are Saying

“When I recommended you to my friends to work on their resumes, they all came back with high praise for your ideas and format. The resumes you built were exceptional."

S.D. | resumes

“Thanks for your expertise in trouble shooting my drafts. Although I knew what I wanted to say, you helped me say it in a concise manner. Due to your rewording, my clients got the point!"

S.D. | Proofreading/Editing

"I hadn't updated my resume in years. You gave my resume the punch it needed to get the attention of potential employers."

S.D. | Resumes

"I sincerely appreciate you helping me speak with my son in a manner that would not alienate him. We were at a pivotal point in our relationship that was about to get unproductive. The wording you provided allowed me to say what I needed to say to him without him taking offense.  Our relationship is stronger due to getting issues resolved."

S.D. | Interpersonal Skills

"You did an amazing job with D’s graduation party. I don’t believe we could have pulled it off without your assistance. Thanks for all your guidance and direction. You had great hosting skills. Your games were fun and very interactive. I can’t thank you enough. You are the"

N.M. | Event Planning

"I wanted to surprise my sister with a graduation party since she is homeschooled now and with the pandemic everything has changed so dramatically. I am new at zoom and I had never planned a party before, especially not an online party. So to say the least, I was totally lost. Thanks to my aunt for introducing my mom and I to Equilla. Long story short, she made everything turn out smoothly. I loved the games she recommended! She is very thorough, and she listens to what your needs are. I felt like we were on the same page and she made sure that I understood everything that was going."

D.B. | Event Planning